IoT Series

Yes yes yes, I know… this blog has been pretty quiet lately. Sorry, I’m trying to fix this. I’ve been busy with releasing a very large awesome .NET product, spending some time on the UWP Community Toolkit, and hacking away at various IoT projects, and most importantly spending time with my family. My IoT-related GitHub repos are getting a little out of hand, but I’m having a lot of fun creating all the building blocks for a smart-home. My ultimate goal is to build a system that can interact with any protocol, and is resilient against internet-outages (your light switch should still work even if the internet is down – yes I’m looking at you SmartThings!).

Regarding my IoT projects, I’d like to start writing down my progress, make some notes, ramblings etc. It’s a great way to get feedback, share your work, gather your own thoughts, and having to explain something helps myself really understanding the topic etc. So I’d like to start my blog back up with various IoT topics. For those who have been following me on twitter knows I’ve been hacking away at AllJoyn, ZigBee, ZWave, IoTivity etc. I’m going to start writing some blogposts gathering my experiences, thoughts etc.

While this blog might have been a little quiet, I have actually been writing some articles on, so I’ll start with a few links to those, before diving into a series of IoT related blogposts.

Stay tuned….

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