REALLY small unzip utility for Silverlight – Part 2

I earlier blogged about a very small unzip utility for Silverlight.

However there was one problem with the method: It relied on some Silverlight framework libraries that didn’t support all zip file formats (a known bug I’m told). Some file zippers places the file size after the zip data chunk, and Silverlight does not like that. So I added a little bit to the utility to detect this case and if so, will re-arrange the bytes in the zipfile so Silverlight will read it.

So I present to you: The really small unzip utility v.2.0. It’s slightly larger than before, but still under 200 lines of code (plus comments).

It works the same way as before, so read the original blogpost to see how to use it.

Although I only tested this on Silverlight 4 and WinPhone 7, it should work with earlier Silverlight releases as well.

Download here: (2.53 kb)

Also available at NuGet