A Simple Way To Use App Simulator For App Purchases

by Morten 26. November 2012 15:06

When you are testing In-App purchasing in your Windows 8 app, you need to use “Windows.ApplicationModel.Store.CurrentAppSimulator” static class instead of “Windows.ApplicationModel.Store.CurrentApp”. This means you’ll end up writing a lot of code like this:

     var licenseInformation =
     string receipt = await
            RequestProductPurchaseAsync(featureName, true)

Yes this gets ugly really quick. Here’s a neat little trick to get around that. Right below your using statements at the top of your file, simply add this alias mapping:

#if DEBUG 
    using Store = Windows.ApplicationModel.Store.CurrentAppSimulator; 
    using Store = Windows.ApplicationModel.Store.CurrentApp; 

And in your code you can now simply write:

     var licenseInformation = Store.LicenseInformation; 
     string receipt = await Store.RequestProductPurchaseAsync(featureName, true);


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